Guidance Notes for the Completion of the Consolidated Credit Quality Returns for Domestic Supervised Financial Institutions

Published Friday August 3rd, 2018

  1. Overview Of The Consolidated Credit Quality Returns
  2. The Consolidated Credit Quality Returns submitted to the Central Bank of The Bahamas (“the Central Bank”) is used to (i) monitor the loan portfolio and provisioning, (ii) analyze trends and (iii) evaluate emerging risks of domestic supervised financial institutions (DSFIs) in order to make informed decisions on the vulnerability of the financial system. The guidance notes serve as a companion tool to the Consolidated Credit Quality Returns and provide DSFIs with an overview of the filing and reporting instructions. A copy of the Consolidated Credit Quality Returns and Guidance Notes are placed on the Central Bank’s website for ease of access and reference by DSFIs. These documents may be located on the website as follows: Log onto:
    • Click on Bank Supervision
    • Select Regulatory Framework
    • Select Downloadable Forms
    The guidance notes give a brief description of the forms that make up the returns. The guidance notes also provide clarification on the data that is to be entered in the various rows and columns.

Please download the entire document using the link below.

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