ANNOUNCEMENT: Request For Proposals (RFP) Website Re-Development Plan

Published: Friday September 29th, 2017

  • Project Name: The Central Bank of The Bahamas Website Re-Development Project
  • Country:The Bahamas
  • Business Sector:Monetary Authority/ Regulator
  • Funding Source:Institution
  • Type of Contract:Web Development Service
  • Site Location:
  • Type of Notice:Invitation for Tenders
  • Issue Date:29 September 2017
  • Closing Date:31 October 2017

The Bank

The Central Bank of The Bahamas, is the regulator responsible for banks and trust companies, credit unions, money transmission firms and payment services providers operating in The Bahamas.The Bank also administers the Exchange Control Regulations.Our statutory mandates encompass promoting the stability and soundness of the monetary sector, ensuring orderly developments within the balance of payments (sustainable foreign exchange flows) and promoting the development of the domestic payments systems.These undergird a supportive environment for economic growth and development.The Bank also disseminates information on a regular basis to external entities, inclusive of reporting institutions, the Government, other central banks, international agencies, students and the general public.

The Central Bank’s website has played a key role in providing information to its various stakeholders.The website was launched in 2000 and underwent a major redesign in 2005.The infrastructure has also been updated periodically, to facilitate the varied needs of users; however, a redeveloped website is now required to satisfy the needs of existing stakeholders and to extend the reach of the Bank’s services.

The Bank attaches particularly high priority to enhancing its information dissemination function and to improving the overall functionality and usability of the website. New capacity is envisaged for example, to host a Bahamas Trade Information Service Desk and Electronic portal on the site, support procurement operations, and extend human resources and recruitment activities outward. The website would also fit into a broader communications strategy that embraces social media platforms.

The key functional requirements for the new website are outlined as follows1:

  • Enhanced ability of the users to readily access/obtain information
  • Incorporate more dynamic backend site administration capabilities, including the ability to receive automatic email notifications for Department and Site Administrators, (i.e. to ensure the prompt release of approved information)
  • Capabilities for advanced formatting and editing of dynamic content
  • Capabilities for bulk uploading of photographs and documents of any size
  • Enhanced backend access to format and update static content and screens
  • User friendly navigation
  • Scalable access for mobile devices
  • Secure portal to download documents

Scope of Work:

Re-development of the Bank’s website for enhanced functionality, scalability and portability, utilizing modern, industry standard web-development methodologies, tools and techniques. The website is presently powered by the company Thyme Online

Terms of the contract:

To qualify for the award of this contact, tenderers must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Qualifications

Tenderers must demonstrate to the Bank that they satisfy the requirements regarding country of domicile, experience, expertise, personnel, and financial position.

  1. Domicile
  2. The tendering company may be either Bahamian or internationally owned and operated. The company must also be tax compliant to conduct business in The Bahamas.

  3. Experience
  4. The tenderer must have successful experience as a website and e-commerce developer. This includes the successful implementation of multiple projects of the nature and complexity that are comparable to and required for the proposed project; and at least 10 years’ experience in the area of website development.

  5. Expertise
  6. The tenderer should have expertise in the following areas:

    • Web programming and design; graphical design expertise
    • IP networks and protocols
    • Database management systems
    • Proficiency in contemporary multimedia tools

  7. Personnel
  8. The tenderer shall provide suitably qualified personnel to carry out the necessary work and shall satisfy the Bank as to the relevant qualifications and experience of the personnel. There should also be substantial knowledge transfer, to allow the Bank’s staff to make all but the most complex changes to the website.

  9. Financial Position
  10. The tenderer should have a sound financial position and shall provide independent verification of their financial soundness and proof of their status/license to operate a web-development service in The Bahamas.


    Once the proposals have been received, representatives from the Bank will hold a preliminary meeting with the short-listed vendors, to discuss issues regarding their proposal and to obtain clarity on any of the points raised in the documents submitted. Where necessary, the meeting can be in the form of a conference call and each vendor will be allotted 30 minutes per meeting.

    Response Format:

    Responses to this RFP must be in writing and in two separately sealed envelopes as follows:

    1. Overall proposal listing qualifications, resources and approach to be taken by firm
    2. Separately sealed price proposal, marked “Price”

    Proposal must be delivered to the Central Bank, addressed as follows:

    • Website Administrator
    • Library
    • The Central Bank of The Bahamas
    • Frederick & Market Streets
    • Nassau, Bahamas
    • Email [email protected]

    1Additional requirements for the new website are shown in the Appendix.


    Administration High ease of content administration i.e. ability to add and manipulate text directly on the website, to facilitate better font selection—larger, cleaner fonts and differing sizes for emphasis on key items

    Ability to upload content in advance and the ability to release on a schedule
    Functionality The flexibility to provide real time information, e.g. via a ticker symbol

    Ability to upload and view videos

    Document converter that allows documents to be downloaded in various formats: pdf,word etc.

    Inclusion of a significant ‘archive’ section that includes Quarterly Economic Reviews,(QERs), Quarterly Statistical Digests (QSDs), annual reports and other central bank publications

    Display compatibility across different devices (PC, tablets and mobile devices)

    Inclusion of a ‘search’ bar to enable easier access to information by users

    Historical Report display in scrolling format

    Compartmentalization—grouping elements in boxes. The site must also allow for a mix of graphics and text to assist with storytelling

    Real time Exchange Rate Calculator

    Secure portal for document downloads/uploads as needed such as the submission of employment applications

    Sorting/query ability, which allows the user to download specific economic data series at various frequencies

    Intuitive “Guide” feature

    Greater interactive Questions/Answers section in order to respond in real time

    Internet, statistics, visitor counter accessible on the website
    Structure Enhanced ‘About the Bank’ section

    Governor speeches past and present accessed in a central location

    Creation of additional pages for departments,

    Corporate social responsibility section—detailing information on the Bank’s involvement in the community

    Enhanced numismatic display

    History section detailing information on:
    CBOB grounds and buildings,
    Art collection,
    Former Governors

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