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General Information
  Document Title Date Issued Latest Date Amended Applicability
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Banks Trust Banks Trust
PDF Document   External Stakeholder's Manual 2018-12-06 n/a          
PDF Document   Guidelines for the Administration of Monetary Penalties 2016-05-19 2017-02-27          
PDF Document   A Guide to the Central Bank's On-site Examination Process 2008-02-14 n/a          
PDF Document   A Guide to the Central Bank's Ladder of Supervisory Intervention 2006-04-13 2017-05-18 X        
PDF Document   Procedures for Voluntary Liquidations and the Subsequent Revocation of a Banking or Trust Licence 2003-09-16 2004-05-24 X        
PDF Document   Guidelines on the Minimum Standards for Letters of Comfort and Parental Guarantees 2003-08-25 2012-04-20 X        
PDF Document   General Information and Guidelines for Licence Applications for Banks and/or Trust Companies 2001-12-15 2015-05-01 X        
PDF Document   Iraq Regulations and Directions n/a X        

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